Sculpture Commision pt. 3

The gentleman cadaver bust finishes the sculpting phase and begins the painting phase…IMG_0348IMG_0349IMG_0356IMG_0357IMG_0359IMG_0360


Sculpture Commission pt. 2

The gentleman cadaver bust continues through the sculpting process…IMG_0341IMG_0338IMG_0339IMG_0345IMG_0346IMG_0347

Sculpture Commission

Recently it was my good fortune to be commissioned to create a large (24″) bust of a gentleman cadaver, one of the types of ghouls from The Autumnlands. Here are some photographs of the work in-progress. More to follow…IMG_0326IMG_0328IMG_0329IMG_0333IMG_0335IMG_0337IMG_0339

June’s Piece

For any who missed its unveiling at the June EHAG Emporium, here is my own modest contribution. Just looking at it makes me pine for the street markets of The Autumnlands… Well, some of them, at least. (This original piece is available at , and prints are available at )Gourmets 300 001

It’s Here…

As of 6 pm this evening, the EHAG Emporium is now open. Cruise on by to see this month’s offering from Grayson Fogg. Just go here:  Here’s another teaser to get you moving…Gourmets 600 001 (5)