“Mr. Shrively”

Mr. Shrively is the kindly old owner of the first theater ever built in the town of Spookhaven. At well over 500 years old, he has slowed up a bit, but he still keeps his hand in the business. We humans could learn a thing or two from his work ethic.

I felt that sculpting was the best way to capture the essence of his personality. Working directly from sketches done during my enchanting stay in Spookhaven, I faithfully reproduced every wrinkle, sag and liver spot.  I think Mr. Shrively would be pleased.il_570xN.511690418_phu1IMG_0268 (2)re72


Professional Ladies

     Here we have another work-in-progress, a portrait of two ladies of an unspecified profession. Dignified, competent, and I’m sure very thorough in their duties. At any rate, I wouldn’t complain about the service, whatever the quality.Image

“Charlie, Waiting”

     Some might be surprised to learn that love exists even in The Autumnlands, a world of vampires, witches, and an endless variety of “monsters”. Granted, in some of the darker corners that love may be like a weed struggling to push up between the cruelly unyielding cobblestones, but it persists nonetheless, in all its forms…including romantic love.

     Here, a lovesick skeleton named Charlie awaits the return of his sweetheart, with a hopefulness anyone who has ever been in love can empathize with.Image

“The Sitting”

     A portrait of three gentlemen from The Autumnlands. Spookhaven, to be specific; a rare charming and “family-friendly” place in that enticing but dark land…and as close to human-friendly as you will find in The Autumnlands.ImagePrints of my work are now available for purchase, at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/5-richard-moore.html