New Pieces

I just added three new pieces to my Etsy shop (, with a new color piece coming on the 31st of this month, at the EHAG Emporium ( These pieces are smaller and simpler, making them more affordable for those looking for some spooky art without the usual fine art price tag. This will be an ongoing series, so be sure to check back for more updates.Autumn 2 cb 001Autumn 4 cb 001autumn 1 cb 001



Recently, one of my first and favorite pieces, “Halloween Frolics”, sold, which means (of course) that the original is no longer available. However, prints are now available at . Halloween Frolics

Distractions, Distractions…

Work demands have kept me away for several months, for the most part, and as a result I’ve missed making several posts. There was no EHAG Emporium in December, so here is the piece I premiered in the January show.  As always, the original is available at , and prints are available at .Sunset with Oliver redux 001 (3)