A Sneak Peek…

Here is a sneak peak at a detail from the piece I will be featuring in the upcoming EHAG Emporium, on Wednesday, the 30th… If you like things fun, whimsical and spooky, be sure to stop by.Rapunzel's Halloween 300dpi 001


The Emporium is Coming…

This month’s EHAG Emorium–the grand unveiling of new works by artists who specialize in Halloween and the macabre–is right around the corner. I, myself, chose to accept a challenge to work within the theme of “fairy tales” this time around; I picked “Rapunzel”. Click on one of the EHAG banners at the bottom of this page at 9pm EST, on April 30th, to see what I came up with. While you’re there, be sure to peruse the simply absurd amount of creepy creativity on display.10269378_10204028481979288_3460047026595114775_n

A Children’s Book (Work-in-Progress)

This is an illustration from a children’s book I’m working on,  titled  Something Scary.  It’s the first of a number of picture books and illustrated young adult novels I’m working on, most set in The Autumnlands.SomethingScarysampleillus1003

Buying Jewelry for a Good Cause (repost from Richard Moore)

Hello All. A very nice lady in EHAG (the Eclectic Halloween Artitsts’ Guild–but it’s cooler to say “EHAG”) has a very sick doggy, named Esmirelda. The poor thing is trying to survive bladder stones and a kidney infection without surgery (the cost of which is prohibitive), but even so her vet bills are staggering. However, you–and anyone you might share this with–can help, and come away with a nice piece of jewelry to boot.  Just visit the link below, and purchase one of the lovely and reasonably priced items, and bask in the warm glow that comes from helping one of our helpless four-legged friends. It’s only a few bucks, and only a few minutes. And who could resist that face…?Esmirelda  And please, share this as much as possible. Esmirelda would do it for you… (That’s right, I’m not above guilt-tripping for a good cause!) http://stores.ebay.com/Cornerstoregoddess?_rdc=1

“A Twilight Affair”

For those tempted to visit The Autumnlands (and I cannot recommend strongly enough against it, even if you have the means), doubtless the greatest draw is magic. Its influence throughout the land is dramatic and pervasive, and the power and privilege it promises temps even its most modest practitioners. However, when dealing with magic, caution is paramount. The scene depicted in this painting is a perfect example. Here we find a group of friends sharing a lovely evening; for ambiance, they have used magic to provide the perfect view. Yet great care must be taken–by one of them, at least–not to overindulge, lest the wine take effect and compromise his or her concentration, sending thelot of them plummeting to the ground. A Twilight Affair 300dpi 001 (6)This piece is currently available at my Etsy page, https://www.etsy.com/listing/183772801/a-twilight-affair-a-painting-of-a-lovely    Prints of my work are now available for purchase, at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/5-richard-moore.html