The gracious folks at Halloween Artist Bazaar have just posted an interview with yours truly…


A Midsummer Night’s Scream flash sale

On June 20th, the good folks at EHAG are running a 24-hour Midsummer Night’s Scream Sale, from dawn till dusk. I will be offering several pieces at reduced prices, and Richard Moore–never before represented in the wondrous EHAG Emporium– will have two brand new, never-before-seen pieces for sale. Here are a couple of modest teasers of the latter. Haughty cleaned 002A New Bride cleaned 001 (3)

Remember, that’s the 20th, at . If there are any pieces you may have had your eye on but felt were a little out of your price range, contact me by the 19th and I might add your piece to the sale.

New Pieces

I just added three new pieces to my Etsy shop (, with a new color piece coming on the 31st of this month, at the EHAG Emporium ( These pieces are smaller and simpler, making them more affordable for those looking for some spooky art without the usual fine art price tag. This will be an ongoing series, so be sure to check back for more updates.Autumn 2 cb 001Autumn 4 cb 001autumn 1 cb 001


Recently, one of my first and favorite pieces, “Halloween Frolics”, sold, which means (of course) that the original is no longer available. However, prints are now available at . Halloween Frolics

Upcoming Gallery Show

It has recently been my great good fortune to be selected to participate in a group show at The Auguste Clown Gallery, in Australia, from October 31st to November 23rd. It is to be an international show, and many outrageously talented artists shall be represented, amongst them Absurd Toys, Abbybelle, Alec Huxley, Augie Pagan, Avery Palmer, Benjamin Lukas, Bennett Slater, Bev Hogue, Buddy Nestor, Casey Weldon, Cat Rabbit, Cheshire Street, Chet Zar, Chris Haas, Clare Toms, Cody Williams, Dan Harding, Dave Burke, Dave Kohlmon, David Richardson, Don Picton, Double Parlour, Emi Slade, Eric Alos, Eric van Straaten, Eva Devon, Frank Forte, Geoffrey Gersten, Grayson Fogg, Horrible Adorables by Jordan Elise, Inga Lena, Irene Garcia, Jake Waldron, Jasmine Worth, Jason Hite, Jed Leiknes, Jeff Christensen, Jen Musatto, Joanna Mulder, Joe Scarano, John Pinkerton, Jonathan Payne, Joshua Harker, Kamilla Mlynarczyk, Kane Kokaris, Kat Caro, Lacey Bryant, Larkin, Lee Harvey Roswell, Lori Nelson, Mai-Ja, Mark Brown, Martin Tomsky, Matthew Dutton, Matthew Levin, Melanie Ashton, Paul Welsh, Puzgle, Ramon Maiden, Rudy Faber, Sandra Arteaga, Selena Leardini, ShirrStone Shelter Dolls, Steph Sciullo, Steve Ferrera, Tate Steinsiek, Tim Lee, Tokyo Jesus, Vincent Cacciotti, and  Zombienose. Rather intimidating company, to say the least, but I am nontheless honored to be included.

While I realize that intercontinental air travel to attend an art show may be beyond the means of many (my humble self included), I heartily encourage any and all who can make it to stop by and enjoy what will no doubt be a macabre feast for the eye and mind alike.  The Auguste Clown’s astounding array of art may also be enjoyed on your computing machine, by visiting . HALLOWEEN_POSTER_FINAL (2)

EHAG Emporium for July

The wrought-iron gates of the July EHAG Emporium have creaked open, admitting courageous visitors. Here is a tiny portion of my contribution to this month’s ghastly selection. Visit to see the full image.Trick or Treat color1 001 (4)

June’s Piece

For any who missed its unveiling at the June EHAG Emporium, here is my own modest contribution. Just looking at it makes me pine for the street markets of The Autumnlands… Well, some of them, at least. (This original piece is available at , and prints are available at )Gourmets 300 001

It’s Here…

As of 6 pm this evening, the EHAG Emporium is now open. Cruise on by to see this month’s offering from Grayson Fogg. Just go here:  Here’s another teaser to get you moving…Gourmets 600 001 (5)

June Emporium…

The air is hot and stifling, your perspiration-soaked clothes cling to your skin–it can only mean…Halloween is approaching? Well, perhaps not. But the June EHAG Emporium is right around the corner, and just to pique your curiosity,  here’s a teaser of the piece yours truly will be unveiling when those creaky doors swing open on June 30th, at 9 pm EST…Gourmets 600 001 (4) Be sure to stop by at the appointed time to see the full piece…

It’s Here…

The EHAG Emporium has just opened its doors; click on the link at the bottom of this page to peruse the spooky treasures. Here is a larger view of my humble piece (click on the image for a larger view).  But please do visit the Emporium; it is not to be missed. Close-ups may be seen at my Etsy shop… Rapunzel's Halloween 300dpi 001re72Prints of my work are now available for purchase, at