Recently I was fortunate enough to be accepted into EHAG, the Eclectic Halloween Artists’ Guild, for which I am very grateful and honored. I was, however, remiss in announcing my new membership, due to overwork, a death in the family, and plain old absent-mindedness.  For anyone unfamiliar with EHAG, especially if you have a fondness for spookiness, Halloween, autumn, or all of the above, I strongly recommend you follow one of the links at the bottom of this blog and have a look. The artists truly are eclectic, and there is certain to be something for every taste. After all, it needn’t be Halloween to enjoy a little eye candy.


“A Little Help”

One of the most common occupations in The Autumnlands–especially for witches–is the harvesting of magical ingredients for sale in bulk and in preparations such as potions. Here, in another recreation of Spookhaven greeting card art, we find a witch working away on the moors (The Autumnlands have lots of moors), and receiving a bit of help from a familiar eager to prove himself useful.A Little Help 001 (3)

“Poker Buddies”

Games of chance are extremely popular in The Autumnlands. Folks there–at least in my own admittedly brief experience–will bet on anything. from the semi-annual Coffinwax Derby to how long it will take a rawhead boogen to devour a pig left in an un-spell-protected pen by a careless farmer. One of the most popular games is quite similar to our poker, and has even more variations. However, caution is essential, as one version–played with a deck not unlike tarot cards–can cost a player more than worldly goods; a bad hand can doom an unlucky player to a very unpleasant fate.  This piece has actually sold, but many others can be seen at my Etsy page, … And for anyone who’s interested, here is a work-in-progress scan of the piece at an early, sepia-tone stage. Poker Buddies final rough 1repoker buddies sepia adjustedre72Prints of my work are now available for purchase, at