Too Late for One…

I’m afraid that my work schedule of late has been so hectic that I have been remiss in my promotional duties. Far from posting teaser images of soon-to-be-released pieces, and reminding visitors of the upcoming EHAG Emporium (which opened on the last day of September), I am only now getting to the former task, when it is a moot point for one of the pieces.  A sculpted bust, “Spooked”, and a color portrait, “Bumble and Squeak”, were my offerings for this most recent Emporium. Although the former has already sold, I will nonetheless include images here (as Etsy removes images once the piece has sold), along with images of the portrait, which is still available. My apologies for the tardiness and confusion.IMG_0555aIMG_0553aIMG_0538aBumble and Squeak 1 002aBumble and Squeak 1 002a (2)



Two spirit mediums in The Autumnlands conjure a divining spirit in the form of ectoplasm. This is an advanced and dangerous practice, as manifestations have been known to drain the conjuring medium and escape. The resulting wraiths are ghostlike entities that must constantly seek out new life energy to remain on the physical plane.il_570xN.502541634_fnkaPrints of my work are now available for purchase, at