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Recently, one of my first and favorite pieces, “Halloween Frolics”, sold, which means (of course) that the original is no longer available. However, prints are now available at . Halloween Frolics

It’s Here…

The EHAG Emporium has just opened its doors; click on the link at the bottom of this page to peruse the spooky treasures. Here is a larger view of my humble piece (click on the image for a larger view).  But please do visit the Emporium; it is not to be missed. Close-ups may be seen at my Etsy shop… Rapunzel's Halloween 300dpi 001re72Prints of my work are now available for purchase, at

“A Twilight Affair”

For those tempted to visit The Autumnlands (and I cannot recommend strongly enough against it, even if you have the means), doubtless the greatest draw is magic. Its influence throughout the land is dramatic and pervasive, and the power and privilege it promises temps even its most modest practitioners. However, when dealing with magic, caution is paramount. The scene depicted in this painting is a perfect example. Here we find a group of friends sharing a lovely evening; for ambiance, they have used magic to provide the perfect view. Yet great care must be taken–by one of them, at least–not to overindulge, lest the wine take effect and compromise his or her concentration, sending thelot of them plummeting to the ground. A Twilight Affair 300dpi 001 (6)This piece is currently available at my Etsy page,    Prints of my work are now available for purchase, at

“Poker Buddies”

Games of chance are extremely popular in The Autumnlands. Folks there–at least in my own admittedly brief experience–will bet on anything. from the semi-annual Coffinwax Derby to how long it will take a rawhead boogen to devour a pig left in an un-spell-protected pen by a careless farmer. One of the most popular games is quite similar to our poker, and has even more variations. However, caution is essential, as one version–played with a deck not unlike tarot cards–can cost a player more than worldly goods; a bad hand can doom an unlucky player to a very unpleasant fate.  This piece has actually sold, but many others can be seen at my Etsy page, … And for anyone who’s interested, here is a work-in-progress scan of the piece at an early, sepia-tone stage. Poker Buddies final rough 1repoker buddies sepia adjustedre72Prints of my work are now available for purchase, at

“The Sitting”

     A portrait of three gentlemen from The Autumnlands. Spookhaven, to be specific; a rare charming and “family-friendly” place in that enticing but dark land…and as close to human-friendly as you will find in The Autumnlands.ImagePrints of my work are now available for purchase, at

The gambling bug : a work-in-progress

There is no television in The Autumnlands, so games are a popular pastime, with cards being a favorite. Here is a work-in-progress of several friends playing their realm’s equivalent of poker in an undertaker’s cellar. This is the sepia underpainting of what will be a full-color buddies sepia adjustedre72