A Midsummer Night’s Scream flash sale

On June 20th, the good folks at EHAG are running a 24-hour Midsummer Night’s Scream Sale, from dawn till dusk. I will be offering several pieces at reduced prices, and Richard Moore–never before represented in the wondrous EHAG Emporium– will have two brand new, never-before-seen pieces for sale. Here are a couple of modest teasers of the latter. Haughty cleaned 002A New Bride cleaned 001 (3)

Remember, that’s the 20th, at http://ehagemporium.blogspot.com/ . If there are any pieces you may have had your eye on but felt were a little out of your price range, contact me by the 19th and I might add your piece to the sale.


Work-in-Progress: “A Polite Gesture”

An otherwise intimidating gentleman doffs his cap to a pair of proper ladies on the streets of Grayfriar’s Close, a less-than-proper neighborhood in the town of Coffinwax.   

I find something fascinating about works-in-progress. Perhaps it’s the open-endedness of it, the pure potential that has yet to be confined by the inevitable choices that create a finished work.Image