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Sculpture Commission pt. 4

The gentleman cadaver bust’s face is completed, including blue lips.  A close-up shows the “wet” sheen on his milky, undead eyes. The left eye is meant to be rolling up in its socket, but I’m not sure how that reads. (You’ll have to forgive the absence of a few steps at this juncture. Photographing my work as I go is still a relatively new concept to me, and I often forget.) His suit is painted in an intense color scheme evocative of Halloween, followed by the “undercut”, which is given a faux-stone treatment.  The base is first painted purple, and subsequent layers of black applied as washes, to allow the base coat to show through in places, unifying the color scheme.  Finally, the base is coated with a glossy varnish, and the head with a satin finish, which is then brought down with applications of a dulling medium. And there you have it: One completed old cadaver, ready for the mantle. IMG_0365IMG_0368IMG_0371IMG_0381 (2)IMG_0378 (2)IMG_0383 (2)


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