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“Poker Buddies”

Games of chance are extremely popular in The Autumnlands. Folks there–at least in my own admittedly brief experience–will bet on anything. from the semi-annual Coffinwax Derby to how long it will take a rawhead boogen to devour a pig left in an un-spell-protected pen by a careless farmer. One of the most popular games is quite similar to our poker, and has even more variations. However, caution is essential, as one version–played with a deck not unlike tarot cards–can cost a player more than worldly goods; a bad hand can doom an unlucky player to a very unpleasant fate.  This piece has actually sold, but many others can be seen at my Etsy page, … And for anyone who’s interested, here is a work-in-progress scan of the piece at an early, sepia-tone stage. Poker Buddies final rough 1repoker buddies sepia adjustedre72Prints of my work are now available for purchase, at


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